Canonical has just released its latest version of the OpenStack Charms project. This project consists of a collection of (62) Juju charms that makes the deployment and management of an OpenStack cloud way easier than using the base tooling.

This is a quick post to highlight the main changes in OpenStack Charms 21.10. Check it out.

OpenStack Xena

OpenStack Xena is now supported on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (via UCA) and Ubuntu 21.10 natively.

Cinder storage backend charms

Two stable charms are now available that provide LVM and NetApp storage backends for Cinder. The new charms are cinder-lvm and cinder-netapp respectively. The cinder-lvm charm deprecates the LVM functionality of the cinder charm. A migration path is available.

Cloud operational improvements

Improvements have been implemented at the operational level through the addition of many actions and configuration options to the current set of stable charms.

Tech-preview charms

Two tech-preview charms are now available. The ceph-dashboard charm deploys the Ceph Dashboard and the openstack-loadbalancer charm deploys a load balancer for OpenStack applications that support the charm.

Documentation updates

Ongoing improvements to the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide, the OpenStack Charm Guide, and the charm READMEs.